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Welcome to The Life We Lead! Here you can find some useful pieces about Moldova and Pridnestrovje, regions that are not particularly popular among tourists. If you are tired of trivial touristic tours and All-Inclusive offers, then here you go.

Pro bonus you can read my travel articles about other countries and my monthly category Potscards.

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What we can offer

Travel and Write


You want to add something new about traveling to your blog, site or profile? Just a reminder: I can create a unique text for you about interesting places in Pridnestrovie, Moldova, and Europeor/and share my experience on travelings.
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Movie review

Movie review

How to watch a movie so that not to miss something noticeable? What details are worth your attention? Ask me these questions and I will share tons of the new and fresh details. Click ‘Read more’ button to find an example. 
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Book review

If you want to open a book from a new perspective or find out some mind-blowing details, I can definitely help you with it. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Russian literature and I am ready to share the distinct and unexpected key to the book. Don’t worry, no boring stuff, I promise.

The services are available both in English and Russian. Contact Us for rates if you desire this service.