From Rybnitsa with Expectations

Let’s stay safe and help each other in such dramatical circumstances.

Watching the Sea from Gdynia

'Sad and grey Baltic Sea,’ you think. But at the same time, it’s free and honest, as it is not afraid to show itself from a rather unattractive but truthful side.

From Chisinau with a New Perspective

This January was the first time that I saw Chisinau from the observation deck. It was wonderful to see familiar places from a new perspective.

From Warsaw with Christmas Lights

In the light of Christmas, you can see the world from a new perspective.

From Gdańsk with Sparkles

Sparkles happen, when you don’t know why it is right to do what you intend, but still you feel it’s awfully right to do it.

From Lodz with Hope

I watched people walking, living and loving, being friends and remaining strangers.

From Verona with Love

Even though it is rainy and windy here, it's not the rain and the wind of falling leaves season.

From Turkey with Delight

If Istanbul were a person then a multitasking and very successful one.

Postcards to Remember

How to remember the place where you have been to? For me the answer is simple. By collecting cards. I collect them in a lovely pink box, and I enjoy looking at them, as they echo the feeling and emotions I experienced when traveling...
In a way, these postcards became a version of my hobby. With one significant different, it was me who took the picture, choose it as a postcard and shared thoughts. I hope, my postcards will reach you.
Yours Sincerely